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  • We help women after breast cancer.

    our mission

    Our Mission is to educate, help, support, and give hope to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

    our vision

    We explore the unspoken truths of fertility preservation, sexual health, premature menopause, and professional career of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

    our strategy

    We plan to achieve our goals through workshops, lectures, congresses, and teamwork.

    Women for women - Asap - Nothing left unsaid

    Why a Foundation For Women?

    Take a moment and look at me!

    I am a gynaecologist, obstetrician, endocrinologist, and sexologist. My whole life has been dedicated to women.

    My foundation has been created just for you, no matter whether you are beautiful or tired, no matter whether you are a lover or a mother, no matter if you have boobs or not.

    I have created this foundation for all the women in the world to help them overcome their struggles after breast cancer, because one in eight of us will suffer from breast cancer.

    I want to help you step out of your comfort zone and overcome your powerlessness.

    I want you to see what patterns you are stuck in, entice you to change, and encourage you to take action.

    I shall be your guide through the world with and without cancer. I am invite you to the journey of your lifetime, which often begins in the operating room.

    I am sending you all my love and keeping you close to my heart :).
    Be free, be happy and live!

    Monika Łukasiewicz, MD, PhD
    gynaecologist and sexologist

    Monika Łukasiewicz