How often should you make love? Why do we need sex?

How often should you make love? What causes sexual abstinence?

Satisfaction with sex life is the result of several factors: neurochemistry, innate libido level, empathy of the partner. People who make love regularly live longer.

Monika Łukasiewicz, MD, PhD, gynaecologist and sexologist

What does “regular sex” mean? How often should you have sex and, in fact, why?  What happens to people who have no sex life at all?

It is impossible to determine the right intercourse frequency for your health, but it is a good idea to have regular sex.

Hypolipidemia, desire, potency

It is believed that if a woman experiences a decrease in sex drive, or what is known as hypolibidemia (HSDD), it is important, in this situation, to have intercourses, as this will increase libido and return it to normal levels. It is also said that a successful sex life could be the key to human longevity. Some studies actually show that people who have sex regularly live longer. They are also healthier, as sexual activity has a beneficial effect on the immune system. These people get sick and catch colds less often.

Sex is good for pain 

A successful sex life also reduces pain; it can be a relief to headaches. Therefore, those stereotypical women who refuse to make love because of a headache should do exactly the opposite: when they have a headache they should have sex.

Endorphins, the hormones of happiness and beauty

Sex definitely increases endorphin levels in the body, so, in a way, it has an anti-depressant effect. Furthermore, it also increases blood flow in the body, making hair shinier, reducing cellulite and increasing women’s sense of attractiveness.

No sex and no sense

If women and men have no sex life, over time they become accustomed to this state of affairs, begin to treat it as normal and forget that it could be otherwise. It is important to remember though that a successful sex life is one of the factors that improve the quality and comfort of a person’s life.

Warm feet enhance desire for sex

For a woman to feel like having sex it is important that she feels comfortable. Warm feet are therefore just a synonym for comfortable conditions, because they make her feel nice, comfy and she has a sense of being in the right place at the right time. Cold feet, on the other hand, are a distraction that makes a woman start thinking about something else. But not only a sense of comfort affects female libido. She should also feel wanted and safe.

A well-rested woman is sexy 

It is also important for a woman to be well-rested, as tiredness is a killer of the female sex drive. Little is said about the sharp decline in libido in women after childbirth. Prolactin levels are then increased due to breastfeeding. In addition, fatigue and vaginal dryness occur, which effectively destroys any desire for sex.